Tasty and healthy: nut paste

Tasty and healthy: nut paste

Notenpasta is currently very hip. They are used in all kinds of dishes, are available in dozens of types and are often mentioned as superfood. But what about nut paste? Is it really that healthy?

Nuts: healthy fats
Nuts are naturally quite greasy. When you eat a handful of peanuts, your hands shine with the oil. However, these fats are not unhealthy. They are even good for you! That’s because they’re mostly omega-3 and omega-6 fats. In addition, they are all vegetable fats (logically!). These unsaturated fats bind to other substances in your body. That’s why they help to lower cholesterol. Nuts are packed with mainly healthy fats that you need to get enough in. Holland & Barrett’s nut paste contains all these healthy nutrients and makes it easy to eat enough of them.

Ground nuts into pasta
The Nutrition Centre advises us to eat quite a lot of nuts. Unfortunately this is a difficult task for many Dutch people. For example, they just don’t like nibbling nuts because they get stuck in their teeth. Or they don’t feel like getting their hands dirty. In short, reasons enough to not eat them or to eat them insufficiently. But nuts are very healthy for you. That’s why producers have started to grind nuts into a paste. The natural oils in the nuts ensure that you get a nice, smooth paste. The pasta is easier to eat, for example on bread or as a spread on crackers.

Making your own nut paste
Of course you can make your own nut paste. The trick is to grind the nuts so that the oil comes out. This can be done in a blender or hand blender, but hard nuts can make the knives blunt. So it’s better to use a pestle and mortar. This will cost you a lot of muscle! In principle, you don’t have to add anything to nut paste. If necessary, you can use some sea salt to add extra flavour to the pasta.

Which nut paste is the healthiest?
There are so many types of nut paste that sometimes you just can’t remember. Do you want to make the healthiest choice? Then go for almond paste. This paste contains relatively the most healthy fats and the least unhealthy fats. Just behind it is peanut butter. Not the ordinary Calvé peanut butter, which also contains sugars, but peanut butter with only nuts. This type of healthy peanut butter can be found mainly at health food stores. In terms of health, the peanut butter from the supermarket is still among the lowest nut paste, because it contains many additives that are bad for your body.

Eating enough nuts
According to the Nutrition Center, we need about two hands of nuts a day. Most people don’t make it. But with the help of nut paste we can do that! You can put the nut paste on your bread, but you can also add it to many dishes. Especially in rice dishes this happens a lot. It can also be used to flavor sauces or to use the nut paste in pastries. You need about 2 tablespoons of nut paste per day to get enough nuts.

Nut paste is very healthy for you. It consists of pure nuts and no additives are added. This makes it a completely natural product, without any further processing. In principle, it also fits well in the paleo diet. In fact: nut paste fits in every diet. It helps to stimulate the digestion, making you lose weight faster. Another reason to try nut paste!

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